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Dealing With Difficult Mother board Directors

If a mother board member’s actions are disruptive and interferes with the board’s ability to function as a group, the entire board need to work together to solve the issue. Trying to wait out the problematic behavior – inside the hope it can easily improve when their term is up or they may depart by way of a own résolution — may well leave your organization vulnerable.

Complex board individuals come in a large number of varieties: the dominator, exactly who attempts to talk over other folks and only principles their own viewpoints; the weary, who drones on during meetings and restates details that all others has already listened to; the naysayer, who holds grudges and tries to thwart every new idea; the box-thinker, who have refuses to entertain alternative viewpoints; and the absentee, who frequently does not show for or is definitely late turning in assignments.

Frequently , a problem table member may be dealt with through open chat and a solid reminder in the legal duty to fulfill one’s role as a director by contributing to decision-making. During this https://theboardmeeting.blog/dealing-with-board-director-misconduct/ conversation, it is important to be clear and direct in describing the behaviour that is unsatisfactory. It is also helpful to review board policies and, if possible, consider amending your agency’s Values Affirmation to include terminology about dealing with people with respect and courtesy.

If the difficult board member’s behavior carries on, the chair or professional director (in conjunction while using governance committee) should trigger a private conversation to discuss how a disruptive behaviors affect the efficiency of the board as a whole plus the long-term success of the agency. A disciplinary plan ought to be discussed, using a clear comprehension of the steps that could occur if the behavior would not change (e. g., resignation, removal).

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