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Responsibilities of Board Members

Board members are often enthusiastic about the organization they represent. They want to meet their legal obligations to represent you in a way that reflects your mission and be faithful advocates. But, there are other responsibilities that they must be aware of.

They should be open to different opinions and be able to engage in productive discussions. This is crucial to ensure that the board is able to accomplish its goals in a coordinated manner. The board is a team, and the chair is responsible for keeping everyone on track with their tasks.

The board is responsible to actively recruit and select new members. The most qualified candidates are those that will bring additional skills, expertise and prior experience to the table. Boards must also ensure that their job descriptions reflect the necessary qualifications.

The board should also be able to help new members get to grips with the board quickly. This can be done by offering instructions and advanced preparation for meetings, and a clear flow of communication and educational opportunities.

The last but not least, boards should set term limits. This will help prevent unhappy members from feeling overwhelmed or overburdened by the workload. The majority of the work on your board is best done by committees. It is essential that board members know the committees and how they are able to feed back into the board.

The board should also be familiar with the legal obligations and regulations. This includes state-level “Sunshine Laws” and laws that govern how non-profits conduct business and make decisions. Boards need to be aware on these issues to avoid costly legal issues.


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