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What Are the Advantages of Computer Networks?

Computer networks allow individuals and organisations to communicate www.boardroomco.net/how-to-normalize-data-in-excel more efficiently. They enable the sharing of hardware, software (such as scanners and printers) and information. This helps companies cut costs and boost productivity. Computer networking lets you backup and restore your files in the event of a catastrophe.

Communication: Using instant messaging and email systems users can exchange information and collaborate more quickly. It’s an integral part of the day-today operation of modern companies and organizations. It enables employees to work remotely, and access resources like applications such as file servers, printing devices.

Sharing resources: Networking lets you to share the same equipment among multiple computers. This helps save time and money. It also increases the speed of transferring large files, and helps you work on memory-intensive applications.

Improved security – It enhances security of data by requiring a user ID and password to sign in. It also blocks unauthorised users from accessing your devices. It also allows you to limit the amount of bandwidth each device receives, which helps keep your network operating smoothly.

The different types of computer networks are based upon how the devices are linked to one another, such as the ring topology that looks like an oval and connects every device to two others, the bus topology that has a central line that includes connections for each device or the star topology, which has one central connection point that all the other devices are connected to. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages and you must be aware of which matches your needs.

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